Friday, 8 August 2014

The Chosen Generation

The Chosen Generation
1st Peter 2: 9

What does it mean to be Chosen?
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are Separate and Different from others
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are qualified for Glorification
ü When you are Chosen, it means Manifestation is your birthright
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are Preferred above many and others
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are above and beyond molestation and harassment
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are Empowered by God to carry out His assignment
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are Precious to God, though people may not see the sign of a Chosen one on you yet, but to Good you are His Chosen. Sinach said “take a look at me I’m a wonder, it doesn’t matter what you see now, and I can see His glory…” – tell it to someone beside you, “take a look at me I’m a wonder…”
Understand that you are not Chosen of men, but of God – by men’s standard, you may not even qualify to be Chosen, but by God’s standard you are a Chosen Generation – Galatians 1: 1 – you can put your name instead of Paul and change the Apostle to a Chosen e.g. Olatokunboh, a Chosen (not of men, neither by man…)
How to become a Chosen generation
·       Basically, you become a Chosen Generation by simply confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour – this will automatically transfer you from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light
·       You maintain your entry into the realm of the Chosen generation by your obedience to the Word of God – John 8: 31 “…if ye continue in my Word, then are ye my ‘Chosen Generation’ indeed”
Why are you Chosen?
ü You must understand that you are not Chosen for your personal benefits, but for God’s Praise and Use
ü Also you are Chosen in order to be relevant to your generation
ü You may be an individual, but as a Chosen Generation, you are a Nation and many destinies are attached to you – You must not fail them, understand that you must not fail or disappoint the destinies that are attached to you.
God has therefore brought you here to mold you for the future, you must be ready to submit yourself for the molding process, though it is not easy, but you need to go through it in order to be able to give an acceptable praise and to be worthy of the use of the father  

What or who makes you a Chosen Generation?
You must note the following:
i.                   You are Chosen by Grace and not by Grade – your Grade may be embarrassing , but Grace is taking over
ii.                 You are Chosen by the Blessings of God and not your Beauty – Ephesians 1: 3
iii.              You are Chosen by the Most High and not by your Height
iv.              You are Chosen by the Saviour and not by your Stature
v.                 You are Chosen by your Father in Heaven and not by your Family Name
vi.              You are Chosen by the Almighty and by your Might – Zechariah 4: 6
Finally, you need to know that when you are Chosen, you are no more your own, you have become the property of God, and so you must please Him in all your doings, dressings, and sayings – 1st Corinthians 6: 20
Song: It’s not by Power, It’s not by Might, by my Spirit says the Lord
-         Oh Lord, grant me the Grace to be relevant as a Chosen Generation
Grace is the primary source for relevance – it is the spiritual tool given by God for anyone to become relevant
-         Oh Lord, let your Blessings locate my life and make me a Chosen Generation
-         Whatever is in my life and is making me conform to this world, Lord release your fire to consume it today
-         Oh Lord, let the fire of transformation come upon my life to make me qualify to give you an acceptable praise
-         Oh Lord, any force, spirit or power that may be militating against my spiritual development, let them be consumed by fire
Those that have embarrassing and disappointing grades should be prayed with for grace to take over their lives’ journey

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Topic:   The Proof of God’s Favor

What is Favor?
-     Favor is what God gives you to show HIS compassion for you
-     Favor is what God does for you to set you free from bondage
-     Favor is what God does for you to take you to the next level or even lift you higher than others who are your mate or ahead of you
-     Favor is what God does to bring men to your aid when you do not even expect
-     Favor is what God does to break protocols on your behalf
-     Favor is what God does to you for people to listen to you, when you are not even ‘good’ enough to be listened to.

There are various Hebrew and Greek words for Favour, these are:

charitoo (khar-ee-toh'-o) v.
1. to grace, i.e. endue with special honor
KJV: make accepted, be highly favored

charis (khar'-ece) n.
1. graciousness (as gratifying), of manner or act
2. the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life
3. gratitude
{abstract or concrete, literal, figurative or spiritual}
KJV: acceptable, benefit, favour, gift, grace(- ious), joy, liberality, pleasure, thank(-s, -worthy)

chen (khane) n-m.
1. graciousness, i.e. subjective (kindness, favor) or objective (beauty)
KJV: favour, grace(-ious), pleasant, precious, (well-)-favored.
checed (kheh'-sed) n-m.
1. kindness
2. piety
3. reproof
4. beauty
KJV: favour, good deed(-liness, -ness), kindly, (loving-)kindness, merciful (kindness), mercy, pity, reproach, wicked thing.

Facts about Favour
ü When you are favored, people will be willing to help you even without doing anything for them
ü When you are favored, God will cause your elevation
ü Favour causes a noticeable and significant change in the life of any man
ü Favour wipes off labor in your life
ü Favor turns a nonentity into a celebrity
ü Favour provokes the help of even your enemies – Exodus 12: 32 - 35
ü Favour is not in words but in action
ü Favour opens doors to great places beyond your imagination
ü Favour makes you a voice to your generation – it was favour that made Paul who he was – Acts 11: 25 – 26
ü When you are favored what people are struggling to get, you don’t struggle like them
ü Favour is the exclusive business of God, HE’s got a lot of stuffs in HIS stores and it takes HIS favour to receive them – HE gives as HE wills

How does God prove HIS favor?
The only known and existing way for God to prove HIS favour is by showing it and you encounter it real-life

How to provoke God’s favour
-     You must establish a personal relationship with the God that you expect favour from via Jesus Christ – dedicate your life to Jesus as your Lord and personal savior
-     You must invoke the favour of God via prayers:
·       Before God sent Moses to go and deliver the Israelites from Egypt, they cried to Him
·       Before Esther went to meet the king when she was not meant to and she obtained favour, she prayed and fasted for three days
-   By receiving the mark of favour

More facts about favour
-     Understand that favour is not dependent on any physical quality that you possess, it is strictly activated by God via HIS Spirit
-     Also understand that God’s favour can sometimes overlook sin, but it will lead you to salvation, God does not favour you to continue in sin. Jesus used to say “…go and sin no more…” – this statement usually comes after the miracle has been performed despite the in the life of the person – the same is coming to you today in the name of Jesus
-     You may be the ugliest person or the worst dressed person, but when the favour of God comes, it wipes off your ugliness and changes your dresses or garments – God can change your old garment to new ones for you to praise Him – Isaiah 61:3
-     It is favour that can make your business to encounter expansion – how?
By drawing men from all areas to come and patronize you, even without your advertisement
-     Understand that favour is different from the works of your hand and it is not as a result of the works of your hand that you experience favour – though favour does not mean you should not or will not work, it will only make your work to be more profitable and productive
-     It is favour that will make a Minister of God to go beyond borders – in words and in action
-     Favour will make a contractor to always get contracts even without finishing one yet
-     Favour will make a ‘nobody’ become ‘somebody’ within a short period of time
-     It is favour that will make your destiny helpers not to be tired of helping you
-     Favour is real and can work for anybody who comes in contact with it, whoever you are, whatever you do, once God shows you His favour, then you begin to break barriers and go to places
-     Finally, Favour makes you an evidence of God’s wonder working power as it will be seen in your life that God is at work

Now, you have listened to this message or read it because you are a candidate for God’s favour, I therefore declare that:

God’s favour shall locate your life today! In the precious name of Jesus Christ
Favour shall begin to speak for you in all quarters in the name of Jesus Christ
Every favour-hindering mark upon your life are cleansed today, by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Anointing: a requirement for Enthronement

Understand that “If you are not anointed, you cannot be enthroned”, because it took Jesus being anointed for Him to be enthroned, it was after He was anointed that He was given a new and glorious and more excellent Name – Hebrews 1: 4: 'Christ'.
To be anointed means to be divinely empowered to do what you will not be able to do ordinarily.
Also, it takes anointing upon the anointed to sit on the throne in life - Acts 2: 30.
Christ means 'The Anointed'

The Bible did not say 'Jesus', because that was and is still a general name of people, there are many people bearing that name, but 'Christ' - the Anointed was used to indicate that the anointing upon Him made Him qualify to sit on the throne perpetually.
I will like you to know that it was after David’s enthronement that the promise was made to him about his kingdom being established for ever (2nd Samuel 7: 13) and when Matthew was writing his book on Jesus Christ, he traced His genealogy to the Royal family of David as a Royal Seed and to Abraham as a Covenant Seed (Matthew 1:1).

David was anointed before he was enthroned and it had to take the same order or process in the case of Jesus too, He overcame death and hell for Him to qualify as ‘The Anointed’ and thereby been enthroned as King of kings and Lord of lords.

In Acts of Apostles Chapter 2 verse 36, the writer here referred the readers to the Person he has been talking about, “that same ordinary carpenter boy that grew in your presence, that used to wear pant, running around and playing in front of his father's house, that would be crying when beaten, that used to miss his way home from the market, that used to run around in the rain, that used to carry planks for his father's clients”, He is the one that God has so exalted and anointed as the Lord of the universe and the only Anointed One whose name carries the anointing to do anything you want it to do in your life or the lives of other people.

"...that same Jesus..." - today everybody knows you as one of those boys, girls, ladies or young men sitting around, not having anything to show for the school you attended, your life is not showing any sign of goodness or good things to come, the way and manner people see you does not show that your life can amount to anything, wherever you get to, people look down on you, they do not see you as glory that is about to manifest for the world to see, they do not see you as a glorious and beautiful butterfly going through metamorphosis - most likely, you are in the larval stage where there is no comeliness or form...there is no beauty that it(you) should be desired (Isaiah 53: 2) - Jesus too went through that stage and that is why Dr Luke made the statement that "...that same Jesus..." Whom they've looked down on, written off as an ordinary carpenter boy, the boy whose paternity we can't actually confirm, but has now become the perfect captain of our salvation – Hebrews 2: 10.

“That same Jesus…”, that is what people are saying about you too, they look at you as someone without a future because of your present state and status, because you do not have a baby yet, they think that is the end for you, NO! That is not the end, because you are not married yet, they think you are too old to get married again, NO! That is not the end, because you don't have a job, they think that is the end for you, NO! That is not the end, because you don’t have what others have, they think you cannot make it again, NO! You can make it, if you believe

How did I know that it is not yet the end?
That same Jesus was made 'Lord' and 'Christ' i.e. Master and the Anointed One and if you are anointed you can be enthroned by God as He is sitting on the right hand of God which is the place of authority and power and if Jesus has been enthroned after being humiliated, then you are qualified to experience the newness of life - you may be jobless now, but your employment is on its way and you will testify soon, you may be called barren now, but your pregnancy is here now, you may be single, but your spouse is here now, you may be poor now, but your prosperity is here now.

The same power that made “…that same Jesus…” Master (Lord) and Anointed One (Christ) will work on your life from that negative state to the positive state! In the Precious name of Jesus Christ

Everything that seems impossible today the power of God is available to transform them to possibilities, just surrender your life under the Mighty Power of God and HE will perform wonders in your life. If you are not yet born again, it will be impossible for God to anoint you for enthronement, so it is a must for you to give your life to Jesus by consciously handing over your life to Him, forsaking your sins and determining to start living a new life

The present situation is not the end of your life - know most assuredly that God is not going to leave you hopeless and helpless, once you surrender your life to Him, He will act on your behalf and perform wonders in your life. That shall be your story from today in Jesus name.

I release the Oil of God that will cause your transformation upon you now! In the Precious name of Jesus Christ

The unction to prosper is released upon you now! in the precious name of Jesus Christ

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